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Destination: Houston, TX

Support Sarah in her Summer mission to love God and serve others.

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Sarah Weimer

Hi! My name is Sarah Weimer, and I am thrilled to be accepted as an ECYD Missionary this summer! ECYD has absolutely changed my life, so I am so happy to be giving back to this amazing community.


I am currently homeschooling through grade 11, which has been a blessing in disguise. It's given me so much more time to invest in ECYD and grow closer to my Catholic faith. And I'm so grateful my family supported this decision!

Speaking of family, I have five amazing siblings, four of whom are truly invested in ECYD as well. Lauren, my older sister, is currently in her mission year with RCMC (RC Mission Corps). My younger siblings, Blaise, Alli, and Gianna, all love Challenge and Conquest and help out with everything they can! 


Remember how I said ECYD has changed my life? Well, making my pledge of friendship in 2021 was a turning point. For the first time, I chose Jesus, regardless of what everyone else was doing. It was a giant leap forward in my faith journey, and I keep growing and drawing closer to God. The community that ECYD has given me has also made a huge impact on my life. It is so inspiring to have friends who love Jesus and want to serve him. 


Through my parents’ example, I have grown a heart that loves to serve, and I find that it is through ECYD that I can do that to my full potential. Programs like Challenge, Captivenia, and Holy Week Missions – they all give me amazing opportunities to lead others to Christ and make a real difference. These experiences have helped me grow so much in leadership and confidence. I can't wait to bring everything I learn in Houston back home to Calgary!

I am so excited about my mission this summer! I can't wait to meet all the other ECYD members, the consecrated women, and everyone we'll be serving. Just being surrounded by a community that loves, knows, and serves the Lord – that's going to be incredible.

Of course, getting to Houston takes some serious fundraising. This is your chance to join the mission! By contributing to my mission financially, you're helping me embark on this life-changing experience and serve those in need. Donations are even tax-deductible.


Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me and considering a donation. Your support means the world! 

In Christ, 

Sarah Weimer

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