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Image Courtesy of Ralph Kroll

Regnum Christi Calgary

Regnum Christi Calgary is comprised of lay men and women, boys, girls, youth, young adults, and Legionary priests. We aim to work as Jesus did by revealing His love, forming apostles and sending them out to help build the Kindom of Christ. We seek to awaken the individual and the family to their mission in life and in the Church.


The earliest moments of organized Regnum Christi activities in Calgary occurred in the Fall of 1993. A small group of women gathered for instruction by two Regnum Christi Consecrated women towards growing conviction and vibrancy in their faith lives and in courage and confidence in their service of others.


The first inspiration of this group of women was for the struggle of Catholic families in Calgary related to their children’s education. This idea grew from a prayer to a conviction of the need and soon became bold action.


Clear Water Academy Foundation was incorporated in Calgary, Alberta in 1994 and opened the doors to the only school of it’s kind in Canada on September 8, 1995. The school’s first year of operation brought 25 students from 13 families into two classrooms spanning grades one through seven.


The launch of Clear Water Academy marked the beginning of generous participation by Regnum Christi lay members, Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi Consecrated women in the Catholic activities and programs in the diocese of Calgary and Western Canada. The list of offerings and participation is long and varied including day, weekend and weeklong retreats for youth and adults; Familia and other programs for parents; Marriage Preparation and Marriage Renewals for couples; Conquest and Archatheos among other programs for boys and young men; Challenge, Pure Fashion, Captivenia and other programs for girls and young women; One Rock, Paleo and Holy Week Missions for families; the annual Red Mass, Father Lacombe and Providence Senior Care Centres for the elderly and infirm. Additionally, many of the Regnum Christi members are actively involved in programs and councils within their own parishes.


Summer 2015 marked a noteworthy moment in the history of Regnum Christi in Calgary - Bishop Frederick Henry granted permission for the Legionaries of Christ to establish a community and take on full pastorship for Sacred Heart Parish in downtown Calgary. This was a long-awaited and prayed-for opportunity for many Lay Regnum Christi members in Calgary. In 2022, the Diocese of Calgary has entrusted the Legionaries of Christ with Ascension Catholic Church, one of Canada's largest Catholic parishes. Our hope and desire is to serve the people of the Calgary diocese and beyond with eagerness, professionalism, and most importantly, with Christ-like love.

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