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Destination: New Orleans, LA

Support Avery in her Summer mission to love God and serve others.

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Avery Williamson

Hello, my name is Avery Williamson, and I am a grade 11 student. My ECYD journey began in 2017 at Captivenia. As a ten-year-old, taking the pledge of friendship with Jesus felt like the perfect way to grow in faith. Back then, I had no idea it would ignite a lifelong walk with the Lord and the incredible ECYD community. 

Fast forward four years. A Challenge group launched at my parish, and that's when my ECYD journey truly kicked off. We were Okotoks' pilot program, with amazing young adult leaders paving the way. That's also when I met Karen Doran, the Calgary and area ECYD Director. She showed me that ECYD was so much more than the pledge I made as a child. Over the years, I've learned it's a national organization of young people living for Christ and sharing His love with others. More importantly, it's become my home and extended family. Many of my closest friends have joined ECYD, and every apostolate strengthens our bonds of friendship and sisterhood. Through Christ and ECYD programs, I've recognized these are some of life's most precious connections.

ECYD has become a cornerstone of my life. Since I was nine, I've participated in Captivenia, where I now have the wonderful opportunity to guide young girls on their faith journey through Challenge. I've also experienced a glimpse of missionary life as a Holy Week Missions leader. ECYD has completely transformed my relationship with God. He's not just my Father and creator, but also my closest friend. And I know countless others are walking this path with Him, because ECYD fosters a vibrant community built on service.

ECYD prayers and the support of its members have fueled my prayer life, encouraging me to turn to God more consistently. It's also given me a mission: to bring as many people as possible to Heaven. ECYD apostolates, like Holy Week Missions, equip us to do just that. We get to spread God's seeds and make a real difference. ECYD equips us with the mission and resources to bring Jesus to those who might never encounter Him otherwise.

So, when I learned about an ECYD missionary Summer program where I could travel and share God's love in another country, I knew it was my calling. Sure, I felt nervous and scared, but a sense of peace washed over me. I knew everything would work out, that God was by my side. When I got accepted for the New Orleans mission trip this summer, I was ecstatic! I'm going to live the life of a missionary and gain invaluable life lessons to bring back and serve my community. While I don't know exactly what this mission trip entails, I trust the Lord will work through me. Over the past few years, as my relationship with Jesus deepened, I've learned He can use anything in my life to help others. Even if this mission is completely different from what I envision, it's ultimately God's plan, and I'm fully committed!

In Christ's love, 

Avery Williamson

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