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Legionaries of Christ

The Legion of Christ is a religious congregation of pontifical right, founded in 1941. Its mission is to extend the Kingdom of Christ in society according to the requirements of Christian justice and charity, and in close collaboration with the bishops and the pastoral plans of each diocese. Today the Legion has 3 bishops, 889 priests, and 2,373 religious, novices, candidates, and students in the apostolic schools in houses in 22 countries.

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Our Calgary Legionary Priests

Fr. Daniel Wilson, LC

Fr. Daniel Wilson.jpg

Superior of the Calgary Apostolate Community,

and Regnum Christi Women’s Section Chaplain

Fr. Daniel is a Californian from Orange County. Brought up in a devout, loving, evangelical Christian family, he was received into the Catholic faith in university. It was at the University of Dallas where Fr. Daniel incorporated into Regnum Christi and was on the young men’s team for 3 yrs. A year after graduating from university, he entered the novitiate of the Legionaries of Christ and 11 yrs later was ordained a priest. He has served as the Mid-Atlantic vocations director in the States, Young Men’s section director and ECYD in New York, retreat master and spiritual director at Our Lady of Bethesda Retreat Center in Maryland, university chaplain at the former Institute for the Psychological Sciences (now Divine Mercy University), Regnum Christi chaplain at Our Lady of Santa Clara Retreat Center in California. In July 2021, Fr. Daniel was appointed Superior of the Legionaries of Christ Community and Chaplain for the Women's Section in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  


Fr. Kennth LeBlanc, LC

Chaplain Support to the RC Federation in the North American Territory, Board Member of Clear Water Academy and RC Local College

Born in Rogersville, a small Acadian town in New Brunswick, Fr. Kenneth completed his studies of philosophy and theology in Rome where he was ordained a priest in 2002. He served as an associate pastor at St. Andrew's parish (Oakville) and as spiritual director to the Greater Toronto area/ and Halton region. From 2019 to 2021, superior of the Legionaries of Christ Community and Chaplain for the Women Section in Calgary. In July 2021, Fr. Kenneth was appointed Chaplain Support (RC Life, Mission Support Team)

Fr. John Gannon, LC

Fr. John Ganon Regnum Christi Calgary

Pastor at Ascension Parish and Counsellor to the Superior

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Fr. John was ordained a priest in Rome on November 25, 2004, after training in Spain, Colombia, Brazil, and Italy. He spent 2004-2006 obtaining his licentiate in moral theology from Regina Apostolorum University in Rome, Italy. In 2005, he became the Vice-Rector of the general directorate in Rome. In 2006, he moved to Canada to become the Vice-Rector of the novitiate in Cornwall, Ontario. He currently directs the Regnum Christi movement in Western Canada. In 2016, Fr. John was appointed Pastor at Sacred Heart Parish, Calgary.

Fr. Michael O'Connor, LC

Fr. Michael O'Connor Regnum Christi Cala

Chaplain at Clear Water Academy

Fr. Michael grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He entered the Legion of Christ in 2005 in Cheshire, Connecticut where he began his studies of religious life before continuing these studies in Ireland, Spain, and then Rome. In the Eternal City, he completed his bachelor’s degree in philosophy and was sent to work as Dean of Students for two years in Center Harbour, New Hampshire, then continued the same work with young men in Cornwall, Ontario for another year. Father Michael studied three more years in Rome and acquired his bachelor’s degree in theology before being ordained a deacon in June of 2016. He then began his work at Clear Water Academy as an instructor of formation in August of 2016. At the beginning of the 2017-18 school year, he became chaplain at Clear Water Academy.

Fr. John (JP) Luxbacher, LC


Associate Pastor at Ascension Parish - RC Locality Support, Assistant Chaplain RC Women’s Section 

Fr. Bert's dad was a baker from Austria, his mom Maria is still secretary at the German parish in Toronto. His big brother Fr Michael is a Legionary priest currently serving in Louisiana, and Fr. “JP” Luxbacher is coming off stints as novice instructor (in Germany, Cheshire and Cornwall) and most recently as Assistant in the formation of LC Brothers who are studying Philosophy in Rome. When Fr. JP,  first started serving Mass in his home parish in Etobicoke, his feet dangled from the chairs on the sanctuary. Besides spending lots of time in the Parish, he also liked playing trumpet in different bands during Grade School and High School. Fr. JP,  joined the Legionary Candidacy program the same summer as Fr Kenneth LeBlanc (1990) and was ordained in December 2001. “It was a privilege to work in Rome, so close to St. Peter’s and near to the Pope. That being said, it’s great to be back in Canada and to have been given such priestly, sacramental work here in Calgary. 

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