The 5 Dimensions

These dimensions have been newly described and defined through the process of Renewal which has been occurring for all of Regnum Christi since 2009. They are a portrait in words of what the Holy Spirit has brought about in the lives of Regnum Christi members from early days. The five dimensions outline the manner in which the charism is lived amongst those called by God to a vocation in Regnum Christi and integrates the spirituality and mission.

Regnum Christi Calgary Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

The first dimension of the life of a Regnum Christi member is the spiritual life. The essence of a member’s life is knowing the love of Jesus Christ, loving Him deeply and then sharing His love with others. Christ invites us into an always deepening relationship with Him through prayer and the sacraments and to grow to be more and more united to Him. The First Dimension of Regnum Christi - The Spiritual Life.

Regnum Christi Calgary Formation


The second dimension of the life of a Regnum Christi member is formation. Integral Formation™ involves the spiritual, human, intellectual and apostolic areas of our lives. It allows us to form a strong and rich Catholic worldview, to develop our capacity to go deeper in our relationship with Christ and to “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you for the reason for your hope.” (1 Peter 3:15) The Second Dimension of Regnum Christi - The Formation.

Regnum Christi Calgary Apostolate


The third dimension of life in Regnum Christi is apostolate or mission. The mission of a Regnum Christi member involves all aspects of life. It begins with the foundation of each in their relationship with God, living a God-given vocation as the path to holiness, and then impacting the world through a life lived in union with God and by reaching out to others in apostolic action. The Third Dimension of Regnum Christi - The Apostolate.

Regnum Christi Calgary Team Life

Team Life

The fourth dimension of life in Regnum Christi is team life. Modelled on the first Christian communities, Regnum Christi members gather in teams to pray, to evangelize and to support and encourage each other in the living of our Christian vocation. Team life provides a nucleus of spiritual friendship, a community which is there to share the gifts and challenges of daily life, and a group of like-minded apostles working together to bring the light of the Gospel to those around them. The Fourth Dimension of Regnum Christi - Team Life

Regnum Christi Calgary Accompaniment

Personal Accompaniment

The fifth dimension of life in Regnum Christi is personal accompaniment. Regnum Christi considers personal accompaniment to be essential for following Christ. We seek to accompany each other as Christ accompanied people in the Gospel, one-on-one, discerning and following the path of holiness together. Personal accompaniment can be natural and spontaneous, as in friendships, or more formal and intentional, as in Spiritual Direction. The Fifth Dimension of Regnum Christi - The Personal Accompaniment.