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Nicolás Reimann

Destination: Madrid, Spain

Help me to be a missionary of God and give my summer to help those in need.

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Nicolás Reimann

Hello!!! My name is Nicolas Reimann. I am from Chile. Currently, I am a student at Clear Water Academy in Calgary, Alberta. I am writing this letter to introduce myself, to share my story about how thankful I am to God, and to show my clear witness of God's unconditional love.

Two years ago, my family and I embarked on a new chapter by moving to Calgary, seeking a better quality of life and greater opportunities. Our transition has been a testament to God’s providence and guidance. In Chile, I attended Colegio Highlands, a wonderful school within the Regnum Christi network of schools, where I spent about 11 years of my life and where my spiritual foundation was established. While studying there, I learned a lot, improved significantly as a religious person, and participated in different faith activities with my family. From going to missions since I was born, to attending NET (New Evangelization for the Third Millennium) since first grade, my family has actively participated as part of the team that organized both programs.

Besides being surrounded by people of Catholic faith, going to a Catholic school, and being able to live my Catholic life day by day, with NET as the first program I went to, I had some of my first encounters with God. During one of my last years in Chile, together with an RC Corp missionary who worked in my school, we formed ECYD. (NET is the program for younger children that comes before ECYD).


At that time my family, to whom I am very grateful, was actively involved in the Catholic Church through my school, where my two older brothers were Missionary team leaders/guides throughout high school.

At the beginning of 2022, my family and I arrived in Calgary with a suitcase full of desire, uncertainty, and above all - faith. It was difficult, very difficult. The first 6 or 8 months were the most difficult months of my life. It was a very abrupt 180-degree change and although as a family we wanted to come and live here, it was still hard. We were dealing with a change of language, school, friends, and culture, as well as leaving behind our family, everything we had in Chile, and everything that (thanks to my parents and God) we had built. Now from another perspective, I look back and realize that it was difficult because in Chile we had an almost "perfect" life, aside from the economic and political situation Chile had at that moment. Personally, my daily life was near perfection. I had a lot of friends, a very close-knit Catholic family, good grades, several soccer teams, and was well-known in the school. When I immigrated to Canada I suffered a lot. I was used to having excellent friends and for many months I had none. I was the president of my class and I loved trying to help my classmates, but I couldn't even properly communicate with them. I was used to a system and having good grades, something that changed drastically here in Canada. Lastly, I was used to having an active Catholic life, and even though I was going to a public Catholic school, it was different. There were no priests, consecrated members, or a missionary to speak to, and there weren't masses or a chapel to go pray.

During this time, we prayed a lot as a family, and the only thing my younger brother and I wanted was to go back to Chile. We missed the life we had there. For New Year’s we went back to Chile and it wasn’t how we remembered it. It was very different from life in Canada, but nowhere near perfection. 


2023 began and it was one of the best years of my life. Making many friends, speaking much better English, playing for a soccer team, etc. The only thing was that going to mass every Sunday was not enough for me. Something was missing but I didn't know what it was. At the same time, my mom had joined the Regnum Christi mom's movement, which was run by Clear Water Academy, a school that, as more time went by, we got closer to.

In the fall of 2023, I had the honour of joining Clear Water Academy. I am grateful to God for allowing me to be a part of this school because it feels like home to me. Thanks to this school, I have had the opportunity to meet amazing people and do amazing things. For instance, I was invited to participate in the annual retreat "Ignition" at the Novitiate and College of Humanities of the Legionaries of Christ in Cheshire, CT. This was an incredible experience as only six people from Canada were invited, and I was fortunate enough to be one of them. I was also asked to be one of the ECYD team leaders for the 2024 Holy Week Missions and now, I have the opportunity to travel to Madrid as an ECYD Mission Corp. missionary.

Over the last few years, I have been blessed with numerous opportunities and have felt God's presence more strongly than ever before. Since I started attending Clear Water Academy and went to Ignition, I have been fortunate enough to actively participate in the church and have conversations with God. Every day, I feel His love and guidance, and I am proud and thankful for that. I have come to realize that everything happens for a reason, and that reason is God's plan. His plans are perfect, and His love is infinite. I feel truly blessed to be a witness to His love and grace.

In light of this, I invite you to do two things:

First, realize how fortunate we are to know God and His infinite love that accompanies us at every moment.


Secondly, I ask for you to join me in sharing my testimony and experiences with those who may need it. By supporting my missionary work, you help me to continue this important purpose, helping and spreading the word of the Lord through your donation. Through your support, I will be able to go to Madrid, Spain this summer as an ECYD Mission Corp. Any kind of donation is more than welcome and appreciated.

Thank you very much, God bless you.

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