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Support Captivenia Summer Camp 2022


The success of Captivenia rests upon the great generosity and sacrifices of countless souls. Please pray for the success of this needed work for Christ. The link below provides a list of needs for the 2022 camp. We hope to have commitments this week in order to have all in place for the camp July 20 - 30th. We are in need in many areas. Thank you for your consideration. 


New this year - GIFT CARDS

Our camp has many needs and in an effort to help make it easier to assist us with these needs, we have put in gift card options. So if it is more convenient to provide a gift card to go towards snacks, crafts, and misc. supplies, we would be happy to accept those in lieu of the items on our list. If you have any questions regarding gift cards please contact Stefanie at (403) 585-5170.


Item/Gift Card Drop Off

We will have drop off locations in Edmonton, Calgary & Lethbridge for items/gift cards if you are unable to make it to camp. For Calgary: Stefanie at (403) 585-5170, For Edmonton: Nadia (780) 245-0430 & For Lethbridge: Selina (403) 795-4309

We ask your help to promote this list with your Calgary & Area family and friends.

You do not need to attend or have a daughter attending Captivenia to join our team. Ladies are welcome to join us as day volunteers for a few hours or 1/2 a day. Thank you in advance for your generosity, and God bless you!


2022 Camp Dates

July 15-18, 2022 ~ Camp Set-Up

July 18-19, 2022 ~ Team Days

July 20-24, 2022 ~ Bellesera Days

July 24-30, 2022 ~ Captivenia Festival of Maidens (All participants)

July 30 (2:00pm) - August 1 ~ Captivenia/Arcatheos Transition

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