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Meet our Candidates for the

Chicago Territorial Convention 2023

Leading to the General Convention in Rome 2024

From November 2nd to 5th, Regnum Christi will be hosting a Territorial Convention in Chicago, which aims to prepare for the upcoming 2024 General Convention in Rome. As members of Regnum Christi, this occasion holds great significance as it provides us with a valuable opportunity to unite as a community and seek guidance from God on how to proceed with our mission.


Delegates will be elected from each of the four vocations of Regnum Christi: Legionaries of Christ, Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi, Lay Consecrated Men of Regnum Christi, and affiliated lay members. Each of the vocations will vote for the delegates they want to send to the convention (e.g. lay members will vote for lay members). Also, a number of people will attend the convention because of their office, e.g. the territorial director. We expect just over 100 delegates in total. 


The Calgary Locality and diaspora will elect three delegates. All registered RC members will be eligible to vote and will be emailed a ballot. The voting period starts on May 1st, which is the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, and continues until May 15th.  Only registered RC members will be eligible to vote. If you are not a registered Regnum Christi member you may register yourself by proceeding to the following link: Regnum Christi Lay Member Registry - Regnum Christi

Convention delegates will tackle two main themes during the convention and then vote on which delegates from among themselves will represent our territory at the 2024 General Convention in Rome. The two broad themes of the convention include:


  1. Examining the situation of the world, and how Regnum Christi can better serve its needs, proposing priorities for going forward.

  2. Looking at the implementation of the Federation itself to see how it is working and make any proposals necessary for helping it work better.


As the topics covered at the convention are deep and far-reaching, delegates (and any reserve-list delegates) will be asked to participate in a preparation program. This program will include activities ranging from reading submissions, participating in topic workshops, listening to presentations on topics, etc. The Delegate Preparation Program will begin in June 2023.

In our locality and diaspora, we have 18 Regnum Christi members who have expressed their willingness to run for election as delegates, representing us at the 2023 Chicago Territorial Convention. Each candidate has submitted a brief bio detailing their experience in Regnum Christi. We suggest that you vote for those candidates who can effectively represent our community in strategic discussions regarding our evangelizing mission and the implementation of the Federation. Ideally, delegates will possess broad exposure to the mission and be passionate about their vocation - having both male and female representatives from diverse age groups would be beneficial.

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For additional information on the Territorial and General Conventions, please visit the following LINK.

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Finally, even if you are not a delegate, there are four ways to have your voice heard through contributions that will then be made available to the delegates:

  1. Locality leaders have already made a major effort to discern the local reality and prepared a Locality One-Sheet.

  2. Teams can review one or more of the nine discussion guides available online at this LINK - each on a different topic related to our mission - and submit their reflections. These reflections will be collated and made available to delegates.

  3. Individuals can submit a personal reflection at this LINK.

  4. Anyone can speak with their locality's delegate(s) to offer their insights and perspectives.


This is an exciting time for Regnum Christi! Let's pray for the Holy Spirit to bless us with a generous outpouring during this period of discernment, encourage all Regnum Christi members to actively participate in the process, and remember to exercise your right to vote. 

RC The Candidates V2 (prayer).png
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