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The Grace of the Easter Season Continues! 

Thank you to our Regnum Christi Calgary Locality 

To All of my Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Thank you all so much for your amazing generosity for YYC Holy Week Missions this year!  What a year it was!  We had 50 youth register from Calgary and Okotoks, and we even had 12 youths from Ascension church join in our Good Friday evening event. For the family track, we had 17 families, with 47 adults and 36 kids registered!  So many blessings and graces were poured out upon us all. We are constantly amazed by the tremendous support that we receive every year from our locality. Once again, your prayers and your donations of food and money exceeded our greatest expectations. 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Teresa Carruthers

Mercy Missions Director 


Our Encounter Team led the Family Track. We were so blessed to have the help and support of all of you ever-generous Regnum Christi members, to offer and enjoy the fruits of the 2023 Sacred Heart Family Missions. Our families walked and rode the train to the Youth Live Stations of the Cross at Olympic Plaza and prayed for the many people we met on the street and train each way. We also collected items and delivered approximately 100 Blessing Bags and 4 carloads of clothes for the Mustard Seed. We sang our hearts out and handed out homemade cards to the residents of Mount Royal LTC and had a surprise visit and talk by Fr. John Bartunek, LC! The majority of the families participating were not Regnum Christi members and some who were RC were previously from other countries. Participants were very eager to know about future events for families, so we will have to begin planning! Thank you again for helping bless many souls and making this Easter more meaningful for so many.

With love and gratitude, 

Karen Driscoll

Family Mission Team Coordinator


Were not our hearts burning within us as he was talking with us on the road?"

This year was such a phenomenal year. So many people, young and old, responded to a call of generosity in mission. Each one plays a key role in the plan that the Holy Spirit has in store for this Mission. Each "yes" is a seed planted, so that all around us a harvest of Love can blossom. What a joy it is to work on a mission with such devoted apostles. This year we doubled our numbers with 50 youth registered, having 10 Mission Guides who sacrificed time and talent to ensure those entrusted to them are cared for. Along with that, we had a team of 12 Adult Apostles who planned and supported the youth in making this all happen. On top of that, each of you, a whole locality of RC Apostles who joined in the mission with your support with goods and prayers. It is with great joy that we welcomed 7 new ECYD members who made their Pledge to Christ and look forward to seeing the fruits of this mission come to life before us. 


On behalf of EVERYONE who was a part of Holy Week Missions, I want to say "THANK YOU" so much for your dedication to this apostolate and your generosity to the mission. Each one of you played a key role and how wonderful it is to work alongside all of you as we bring the Gospel to Calgary and the Surrounding areas. 

Karen Doran

ECyD Director

Holy Week Missions Youth Coordinator

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