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Novena to Christ the King


Join the Regnum Christi members throughout the world in the Novena to Christ the King 

beginning Friday, November 11th

In our daily lives, each one of us is called to an apostolic discernment of reality. We are invited to open our eyes and to contemplate, both within us and around us, the glimpses of the Kingdom, which is actually Christ himself in person, already present and active. Having discovered this treasure, we can better participate in this coming of the Kingdom in the day-to-day life we live, in the lives of others, and in society.


This novena of preparation for the Solemnity of Christ the King takes us step by step through several of the parables of the Kingdom. Through the lens of the parables, we ponder the different specific fields of evangelization mentioned in number 11 of the Regnum Christi Federation Statutes, which are the basis for the preparation guidelines of the upcoming 2024 RC General Convention. In this way, the novena seeks to help us to let ourselves be deeply penetrated by Christ’s love for humanity so that He may reign in our hearts, in the hearts of all people and in society (cf. SRCF 13).


Seeking to respond effectively to the principal needs of evangelization in our own sphere of life and without excluding any type of apostolic activity, we undertake initiatives and establish apostolic works directed especially at proclaiming the faith and spreading Catholic doctrine; at the Christian formation and education of children, adolescents and young adults; at the promotion of marriage and the family; at vocation ministry; at the evangelization of the professions, of culture and of the media; and at the promotion of social justice and the practice of the works of mercy. –Statutes of the Regnum Christi Federation 11

The Love of Christ Impels Us!
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