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Christ the King



The Feast of Christ the King gives us a special opportunity to come together and worship as a spiritual family. 








Novena to Christ the King! 

Friday, November 12 – Saturday November 20, at 8:00 pm, is our Novena to Christ the King! Join us each evening, virtually, as RC members host our 15-minute evening prayer. During this time, we will also share some of our apostolic endeavors. There will be surprises along the way – you will not want to miss this time united in prayer as we anticipate this great feast of Christ our King! 

Zoom Link for Virtual Novena (All Days)


The Vigil 

Saturday, November 20 at 7:00 – 9:00 pm, Sacred Heart Parish or virtually, via Zoom. The Vigil is an opportunity to come together in person, to worship our Lord Jesus Christ  in the Blessed Sacrament.  Following the Holy Hour, we will pray our last prayer of the Novena, enjoy a few testimonies and associations.  

You must register (below) in order to attend the Vigil at Sacred Heart.



The Celebration of the Holy Mass 

Sunday, November 21, 2:00 pm we will gather at Holy Spirit Church.  The Holy Mass is the center of our faith and the source of divine life. Jesus offers himself, we remember, proclaim, and celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord, Christ the King! 

You must register (below) in order to attend the Mass at Holy Spirit



Sunday, November 21, following the Holy Mass we will Parade through the city streets, in our own vehicles, proclaiming Christ the King to all who witness our procession. Stops along the way will be determined via spectators’, registrations, other points of interest. Approximately 2 hours.  

Christ the King Parade Flags are available for sale to display in your vehicle.



Small Group Gatherings

Inspired and hosted by individual RC Members, encouraged to be held throughout the 10 days of prayer and feasting.  May include any and all gatherings, where two or more are gathered in the name of Jesus for the sake of giving homage to our King!   (Family prayer, meals shared, crafts, outdoor recreation, bonfires, etc.)

Christ the King Celebration 2021

Sunday, November 21, 8pm For wonderful fun, fellowship, and edification, participate in all these components of Christ the King Celebration 2021. As fun incentive we our holding a Raffle! Your names will be entered each time you register for an event. In addition, you may obtain further entries each time you post a photo or comment using Regnum Christi Calgary FB and Instagram.  We humbly request and gratefully accept donations for Raffle prizes, which may qualify for a tax receipt.

Additional Information: The Parade will require participants for “DRIVERS” and “SPECTATORS”. DRIVERS will be in their own vehicles, with their own cohort. SPECTATORS will be watching from their own homes. If you wish to be a point of interest on the route, or know someone who would enjoy the parade, please register for SPECTATORS. Routes will be determined based on registrations.  Raffle entries may be obtained for efforts of decoration of vehicles and house fronts!

Contact Melissa for more information at 403 554 3213 –   

Christ the King 2021 Celebration encompasses six components:

Novena, Vigil, Mass, Small Group Gatherings, Parade, and Raffle


We look forward to celebrating with you and your loved ones. Please invite your family and friends to join in this beautiful experience with our Lord, Christ the King.

Please use the button to sign-up to indicate your interest in attending events associated with the 2021 Christ the King Celebration.


  • When signing up, please add all who are going to attend the event, including names.

  • Please include the following additional information by replying to Melissa DeGroot (


For the Christ the King Parade – If you are signing up as a ‘Spectator’, please email Melissa DeGroot with your (approximate) address.


If signing up for ‘Small Group Gathering’, please email Melissa DeGroot with what activity you will be doing.

Feast of Christ the King “Call to Mission Campaign 2021”

Part of our ‘Christ the King’ tradition in Regnum Christi is to kick-off our Call to Mission Campaign. This is a fundraising initiative to raise funds to support our Legionary brothers and our Consecrated sisters in Regnum Christi. The funds we provide will help support their operational and capital needs both today and in the future. Our campaign goal for 2021 is $15,000.00 and we are hopeful that 100% of our Regnum Christi families will take part in this campaign with whatever size gift they discern they can donate.  

No gift is too big or too small, it’s all about joining together in this initiative for the glory of Christ our King! 

Donations to the Call to Mission Campaign can be made by any of the following methods:

  • E-transfer to with a note that the donation is for ‘Call to Mission’. (if your bank requires a question and answer please use ‘Name of my Mother?’ and ‘Mary’)

  • Cheques can be made out to Regnum Christi Calgary, with a note that it is for ‘Call to Mission’ and mailed to RC Calgary, 1307 – 14 St. SW, Calgary, Ab T3C 1C6 (or dropped at Sacred Heart with Beata the secretary, in a sealed envelope labeled ‘Regnum Christi Calgary’)    

  • By credit card – please email indicating you would like to donate to the ‘Call to Mission’ by credit card and instructions will be emailed to you. Many thanks for all that you bring to our Regnum Christi family through your offering of time, talent and treasure.  

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